Most medical practices lose a lot of money to billing issues, collections & unpaid claims. Like a bucket with many holes, no matter how many patients you see, insurance and patient revenue continue to leak out. So, what is the solution? Spending more time and effort on your in-house billing may not be cost-effective or realistic.


The premier solution is Clayburn Medical Billing Inc., office manager founded and proven in practices throughout the region. Its proven system features fast revenue recovery, find leaks in your collection process, and follows through each claim until the very end. While others offer empty promises and unrealistic fees, Clayburn Medical Billing produces real results that put more money in your bank account.

About Us

Ensuring a lifelong success by tailoring technologies to your individual practice. We're here to help your practice succeed.


Clayburn Medical Billing Inc. is based in

Media, Pennsylvania.

Our president was the director of physician services at Riddle Hospital for more than two decades and is serving private practices and clinics throughout the Delaware Valley.

Our medical billing experts will give you excellent services in every step of the medical billing process when you don't have the time or the manpower to handle everything on your own.

Office Team