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Why Outsource your medical billing?

Submitting procedure and diagnosis codes to insurance companies is a full-time job! Staying on the pulse of the medical billing industry is critical to being paid on time and for the right procedure.


Changes are made to the medical billing industry frequently, leaving smaller healthcare practices behind.


Our medical billing specialists are local to your practice and are passionate about getting you paid the right way! Let our medical billing team relieve the burden of managing your revenue stream.


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Physicians have specialties - and keeping up with cumbersome medical billing operations shouldn't be one of them.

We deliver comprehensive medical billing services, employ state of the art medical practice management software, offers extensive experience & expertise, and we are committed to personal & responsive service to our clients.



We offer automatic re-submittal parameters, handle all accounts receivable follow up and collections, and ensure your physician billing and coding responsibilities are completed in an accurate, timely manner with a level of sensitive, personable service you won't find anywhere else.


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